1. Great Aussie Bush Camp

    At 6am the buzz of my alarm went off. It is the day we go to the Great Aussie Bush Camp. As I fly out of bed, trying not to wake my little brother up, I silently get dressed and bring my suitcase downstairs. I eat breakfast, say goodbye to my dad, and head out the door with my mom. We arrive at school and so many kids are there with their parents. Camp booklets are being passed out and everyone is going through it. At 7am we load into the bus and head off.

    2 and a half hours go by and we arrive at camp. We unloaded the bus and started walking to our camp site. We sat down on logs and went over the rules. Then we went to our cabins and got ready for our first activity. Our camp leader was Sham Wow. He took us to archery. Four people went to shoot at one time and each person got four shots. I got 45 points. For morning and afternoon tea, we got snow cones. Then we would head off for our next activity. We had canoeing next. When we were canoeing our boat tipped and we had to swim back to shore. The rest of the 3 days we were there, we did raft building, lost island, high ropes, initiatives, orienteering, and the giant swing.

    My favourite activity was the giant swing. You put on a harness, goggles, and a helmet and then you stepped up on a ladder and Sham Wow hooked you up and you jumped off. Then the class pulls you up by a black rope. Once you are up there, you pull on a small blue rope and that releases you and makes you swing. It was great fun and I hope I can go there again.

  2. Great Aussie Bush Camp

    When we arrived at the Great Aussie Bush Camp we sat on the logs and we got told the rules. After that we were off on our first activity, archery. We had a couple of goes but I only got one arrow on the target. All the others went into the grass. Our second activity was canoeing. I was in canoe with Addie and Angela. I got really wet and the water was so cold! We played lots of games and afterwards we capsized. Our last activity for day one was commando during the night. My group and I couldn’t find where the captives were and we just found out when we got caught, but we retraced our steps again. However we kept on getting caught. We weren’t that good.

    On the second day we woke up in our tents and went out for breakfast by about 6:00am. Then we went to raft building. It was really fun even though our group’s raft fell apart when we got in the water and we didn’t win any races. Lost island was gross. The mud was disgusting and I was covered in it. After lunch we had high ropes. I was really scared but once I got up on the activity it wasn’t that scary anymore and I really enjoyed it. After that we had initiatives, where we had to fit the whole class on one crate!

    On the last day the first thing we did was orienteering. We learnt how to use a compass and we had to solve the code. The last activity was my favourite, the giant swing. It was the best! After that we said goodbye and off we went, back home again. The Great Aussie Bush Camp was the best!

  3. On Wednesday 23rd September at 6.45am sharp the Great Aussie Bush Camp was just beginning. My bus buddy was Max. We scurried off to the buses and before we knew it we were there. It was amazing and it was sunny, the perfect day. We were shown our campsite and I was in a tent with Fraser, Will, Ben S, Ben P, Ewan and Chandler.

    The groups were made by classes so group 1 was 6P, group 2 was 6C and group 3 was 6K. 6P had Seamus but we called him Sham Wow. Our first activity was archery. We had four practice shots and then we split into teams and our team came second. Our second activity was canoeing. We canoed in the river and played a couple of games like fruit salad where you had to run across the front of the canoes. I won against Fraser. Our third activity was commando. It was the best activity that day. We had to save the hostages in the dark while teachers and Patrick tried to spot us. We told stories and then went to bed.

    The next morning we woke up at 6.00am, got ready and had breakfast. Our first activity was raft building. We were split into teams and we made rafts. Our group was the only group whose raft stayed together. We got first, second and third. After that we went straight to lost mud island. We all got down and dirty, stinky and wet but we all had a blast. We also did high ropes which is where you have to climb up really high and do a course which is made up of three activities. My partner was Miss Phillips and I did two courses, which was six activities altogether. That night we did the talent quest. Everybody had to perform an item. We all had a great time especially when the teachers performed and the judges gave them minus 5000. Their play was awesome. It was so funny. Then we went to bed.

    It was our last day and our first activity was orienteering. We had to navigate our way through the bush and find symbols so we could decode the riddle at the end. Our group came third. Next up was the one and only giant swing. It was amazing, the best activity of them all. You were strapped onto a harness and pulled 20 metres into the air by your classmates, then you yank a blue rope and you fall and swing for about a minute. Then you get off and you say, that it’s the best.

    We had to leave after that. It was extremely sad and we gave our instructors chocolates and then we left. When we got back we said thank you to the teachers and went home for the holidays.
    Ben H

  4. Great Aussie Bush Camp

    On the 22nd of September at 6:45 am year 6 met up at our school to get ready to get onto the busses to start the bus ride to Great Aussie Bush Camp. My bus buddy was Lucy H. When we arrived there, we unloaded the bus and went into our cabins. My instructor was Sham Wow. Then 6P went and did archery. A few hit the targets. Then we got into teams to try and score points. Canoeing was the second thing we did. We played a few games. At the end of canoeing we were allowed to jump off the jetty. The water was so cold. At night year 6 did commando. My team managed to win once.

    The next day our first activity was raft building which was hard because each team had to make a raft that floats. Lost mud world was our next activity. I got so muddy. There was horrible mud everywhere. That afternoon we did High Ropes and Initiatives. At night year 6 performed their acts at the talent quest. My group got a score of 3,2,2 and a 1. All the acts were good. That night year 6 roasted marshmallows.

    On the last day of Aussie Bush Camp 6P did Orienteering. We had to find our way around in the bush . Our last activity for the day was the giant swing. The giant swing was my favourite acitivity. I went on the giant swing and when I tried to pull the rope that lets you go, it didn’t go, so I kept on pulling it. Then all of a sudden it let go. It was so much fun. It was funny to watch Miss Phillips and Mrs Lee on the giant swing. Aussie Bush Camp was the BEST camp ever.
    By Sophie M

  5. Great Aussie Bush Camp

    There is a huge bag on my back and I’m standing at the front door at 6:45am. As my dad drives me to school I’m half asleep. When I get to school I see everybody lined up and the teachers start marking the roll as my bus buddy Josh and I get on to the bus. We wait for over two hours until we see a big fake Ayers Rock and we knew it was Great Aussie Bush Camp. Our camp instructor ‘Sham-wow’ took us to the first activity, archery. I got a bullseye and missed every other shot.

    My favourite activity for day one was commando it was really fun but unfortunately we weren’t very good at it

    The next morning we found ourselves swimming in our sleeping bags. It was then we realised that the roof was leaking. Day two’s activities were really fun but my favourite was the lost island because we got all muddy and it smelt disgusting but it was really fun.

    On day three my favourite activity was the giant swing. My favourite part of the giant swing was when the class forced Mrs Lee on it.

    I think Great Aussie Bush Camp was really fun and was a great experience and I really want to go again in year seven.

  6. Great Aussie Bush Camp

    It was 6:30am on the 22nd of September 2010 and the whole of year 6 were up and ready to go to Great Aussie Bush Camp. When we arrived we all raced into our cabins only to find they were small, hot, smelly and there was water dripping from the roofs. About half an hour later we got to meet our instructors. My instructor was called Seamus but we gave him the nickname `Sham Wow’.

    Our group’s first activity was archery. This was probably my least favourite activity because we waited to have a go the whole time. Next was canoeing. We got to play all sorts of games on the canoes and at the end every body got to jump off the pontoon. That night we did commando and my group captured three hostages.

    The next day was my favourite day because it was the only full day at Great Aussie Bush Camp. My favourite three events were Raft Building, Lost Island and high ropes.

    On the last day of Great Aussie Bush Camp we had orienteering first up. Unfortunately my group didn’t get the bag of lolly snakes. Last up was The Giant Swing. It was so much fun and I went to the full height of 17m high!!

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