Winter Sleep-out Fundraiser for Haiti

One week ago all of year 6 arrived at the school at 7pm to sleep in the hall. The main reason was to raise money for Haiti and raise awareness about the devastation people have faced and are dealing with everyday as they try to rebuild their lives. The children of year 6 were about to glimpse what it is like to sleep without a mattress, a bed or even a house. Congratulations year 6 for sleeping on the hard floor and for sincerely caring for others and trying to make a change in our world for the better.
Each class in the school supported the charity and raised money too. All the teachers were proud of the generous giving by families and the children in the community. I was extremely proud of 6P for the amount of money they raised. Everybody pitched in and asked for sponsorship.
The money has been given to the Salvation Army who will be providing aid for an orphanage they discovered in a remote area of Haiti. There are several babies living in the orphanage requiring ongoing care and support and the money we raised will be helping them. I love the fact that our children are helping other children in the world and have had a real life experience being effective global citizens. It has been a rewarding, unforgettable experience for me too.

7 thoughts on “Winter Sleep-out Fundraiser for Haiti

  1. The Winter Sleepout was an amazing experience and I was very thankful to be apart of the whole thing. I had a lot of fun with all of my friends and going on the bush walk at night and telling spooky stories. We raised a lot of money on the night and hopefully the people in Haiti benefit from all of the money.
    Sarah E

  2. Thank you teachers and friends for making the winter sleepout the best and only one ever! I also thank the parent helpers who made breakfast for all of us.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

  3. Well done to all of year six for sleeping out in the hall on a hard floor to help the poor children at Haiti.

    All of Year six obviously did really well to raise over $6000 for Haiti and the trouble caused by the earthquake that happened at the start of the year. I’m sure the Salvation Army and Haiti will really appreciate it.

    I wish that I could have come to sleep out too but I was in England when you slept out. (Actually I was in the middle of a long, boring flight back from England to Australia so I would of loved to be at the sleep out than on a plane.

    The desruption of the earthquake caused a lot of chaos for the people there. Many homes were destroyed and many of the people there now have to sleep with hardly any cover or no beds so it would be very uncomfortable to sleep at night so the point of the sleep out was to raise money, feel a bit of what it would be like and have a lot of fun.

    By Lucy H

  4. The winter sleepout was so much fun. I enjoyed playing games with my friends. Thank you teachers for organising the sleepout and parents for cooking breakfast. The Salvation Army will be thankful for all the money that we raised. I will never forget the sleepout.

  5. Wow! That was a great experience!
    My chest is still aching from that floor although I feel good that we have helped others less fortunate than us. Mrs Lee’s scary story was pretty good and Amy’s movie from Canberra she made was excellent. Next time there is an event ( Great Aussie Bush Camp maybe?) I’ll make a funny video about it if I finish my other stopmotion I am also working on.
    CYA! Rosie XD 😀

  6. Hi 6P,

    I found the winter sleepout really fun, but also very painful! The hard floor hurt my back soo much! I am sure we all had a really great time, as there were so many fun games. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we had just had an earthquake and I had to sleep outside. We got to sleep in a big hall, have heaters on and have lots of people all around us. Just like Sarah, I am so happy to be a part of that amazing experience, and it is a memory I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

    Soph C 🙂

  7. This is a great idea to raise money for a charity in need! i hope you raised HEAPS of money.

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