BTN – Young Chefs…Are you the next Master Kid Chef?

There were two stories that caught our attention on BTN this week. One was all about our voting system which is known as ‘Preferential voting’. If there is anyone out there from another country visiting our Blog that lives in a country with a different voting system we’d love to hear about how it all works.

The next story that we enjoyed watching was the ‘Young Chef’s’ story. These are the questions from the BTN website. 6P I would love to hear your responses to any 3 questions.
Young chefs
1. Discuss the Young chef’s story with another student.
2. Why do you think cooking shows like Masterchef are so popular?
3. What skills are needed to be an executive chef?
4. Explain how the cost of a meal is worked out.
5. Name some of the costs involved in running a restaurant.
6. Why do you think cooking courses for kids are so popular?
7. What skills and techniques do the kids learn at cooking school?
8. Describe what you think it would be like to work in a commercial kitchen.
9. What was surprising about this story?
10. How has your thinking changed since watching the BtN story?

6P Glook Club

What is 6P Glook Club all about? It’s a hybrid of ‘Glee’ Club (because I love ‘Glee’ so much and it is outrageously funny) and ‘Book’ Club. This is the creation of our class online ‘Glook’ Club! The ‘Gl’ is from Glee and the ‘ook’ is from Book and together Gl + ook makes our 6P Glook Club!
I love hearing about what you are reading and am hoping to inspire other people to read for entertainment, knowledge and relaxation too. When you present your book talks in library I feel proud and happy that you learn so much from reading. I want our love of reading in 6P to become infectious for others.
Don’t forget that for book week we are donating a gold coin and a pre-loved, quality book for a book swap and the money raised will be given to Indigenous Australians and their education.
So, the challenge is out there. Visit this ‘Glook’ Club site and write a review of a book you have read and enjoyed and would like to recommend to others. Don’t forget to include the book title, the author (and illustrator if applicable), the review and a personal recommendation. I look forward to reading your reviews and reading some different books recommended by you!

BTN Blows Our Minds!

Every Thursday we thoroughly enjoy watching BTN. The program informs us of many current affairs and often challenges us to form opinions on national and international issues, events, trends, people and more.
Today we watched stories on various topics; ‘Vote 2010’, ‘Copy, right?’, ‘Caffeine Culture’, ‘Old School’ and ‘Camel Cup’. We’re going to provide a brief summary for you of these stories and give you an opinion of the poll question. 6P could even ask their parents what they think of the poll question.
The poll question asked was; ‘Should caffeine pills be banned from sport?’ If you have an opinion on this topic and would also like to respond to the question please do.
Happy BTN Blogging!

Bridge to Terabithia Art Project

I am the proudest teacher!
Today was one of my favourite days at BHPS. Every one of my students made me feel so proud. Their project work was spectacular.
As a class we have been reading ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ and completing reading contract activities. As a culmination to the book I set the class a project inspired by Jesse (the main character in the novel) and his passion for art. Students found two friends to work with and made a group of three. The students had to be curators and artists in this two part project! In Information Skills sessions for two weeks each group had to decide on an artistic style or movement and find three artworks made using this style. They each analysed the artworks and commented on art appreciation questions regarding the artwork. They presented their comments on an A4 piece of paper.

The art making process came next and involved each student making an artwork incorporating the same style from their art appreciation research. The three artworks had to form a collection for our mini exhibition. The students were allowed to present their artwork how they wanted, using materials of their choice. They also met as a group and discussed how they would display their collections and props they might add to enhance their exhibit and make it cohesive.

Today was our exhibition. The collections were outstanding. Every student put effort into completing their artwork and the end results for individuals and the groups were superb. I was so proud of my class. I took lots of photos and when I work out how to get them on our Blog you can see them. We had lots of visiting teachers come and see our exhibition and they were amazed too. I can’t wait to show the 6P parents the exhibition on Education Day. Congratulations 6P.
Love Miss P (Proudest teacher!)

P.s. Some of 6P may like to comment on the project and the exhibition.

Photo Competition

Now that you know how to comment on our class blog, I’m going to give you an opportunity to make a real difference to our site. The photo of the Australian War Memorial was taken by me during our Canberra visit. 6P will be having a photo competition. We need a series of photos, that represent our class, we can upload for our Blog site. All entries need to be submitted and saved in 6P Shared by Wednesday Week 2. You may use the class camera. I hope to see many creative and original entries.

Good luck to all participants. Miss Phillips

Canberra Highlights

Cast your mind back…before the holidays…

We had a magnificent three days in Canberra with all Stage 3 students from our school. I was impressed by the knowledge you all shared and the responses you provided for questions. I saw a lot of learning and witnessed students in 6P having a lot of fun.

Take a moment to think of your favourite Canberra moments and decide on a Canberra highlight. Tell us what your highlight of the trip was and why it is most memorable for you.

Now think of three facts that you learnt in Canberra and tell us what they are.

I’m a curious person and would also like to know your opinion on Julia Gillard becoming the Prime Minister.

I can’t wait to read your responses. Happy writing.

Miss P

What??? A Blog for 6P!

I hope you’ve had a great holiday as I have. In the holidays I went to a friend’s house and learnt how to create a ‘Blog’. This is it!

Thank you Pru for your time, patience and wealth of knowledge in teaching me the art of blogging. I hope I do you proud! 

Our blogs are going to connect us to the world and provide a forum for us to write, post and comment on many things. The scope for what we can do is endless. I hope you enjoy our 6P blog and creating your own student blog.

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