Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day (Armistice Day). We had a service where we commemorated Remembrance Day and had a minutes silence. Tell us what this day means to you. Discuss why we commemorate Remembrance Day. Why is the poppy used as a symbol to remember the war? Tell us about stories your grandparents may have told you about the war.

Winter Sleep-out Fundraiser for Haiti

One week ago all of year 6 arrived at the school at 7pm to sleep in the hall. The main reason was to raise money for Haiti and raise awareness about the devastation people have faced and are dealing with everyday as they try to rebuild their lives. The children of year 6 were about to glimpse what it is like to sleep without a mattress, a bed or even a house. Congratulations year 6 for sleeping on the hard floor and for sincerely caring for others and trying to make a change in our world for the better.
Each class in the school supported the charity and raised money too. All the teachers were proud of the generous giving by families and the children in the community. I was extremely proud of 6P for the amount of money they raised. Everybody pitched in and asked for sponsorship.
The money has been given to the Salvation Army who will be providing aid for an orphanage they discovered in a remote area of Haiti. There are several babies living in the orphanage requiring ongoing care and support and the money we raised will be helping them. I love the fact that our children are helping other children in the world and have had a real life experience being effective global citizens. It has been a rewarding, unforgettable experience for me too.

Abbott or Gillard? Who will it be???

Saturday was an exciting 24 hours in Australia’s political history. 2010 has already proven to be a turbulent time for politics in Australia with the Global financial crisis, the stepping down of Rudd, the swift appointment of the first Australian female Prime Minister, Gillard and the call of a federal election. Now, we face a ‘hung’ parliament!
What does it all mean? Why is the decision in limbo about which party will form our next government? Why does the Coalition (Liberal/National Party) seem to be celebrating victory? What is a hung parliament and what will it mean for the party that becomes the government? The ‘Greens’ took control of the senate, so how will this impact on the government and bill proposals?
Read the newspapers, online and in the classroom, and help us make sense of these questions with your responses, thoughts and comments.

‘I Have a Dream’

At the beginning of the novel ‘The Cay’ Theodore Taylor refers to Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. You can watch the whole speech on youtube just like we did in 6P.
6P will tell you what they thought King was saying in his speech. 6P did you find the speech inspirational? If so, why?

Survival Stories inspired by ‘The Cay’ and Bear Grylls

Have you read ‘The Cay’? Have you watched Bear Grylls trek through the Amazon and survive in peak dangerous conditions? We are starting to read ‘The Cay’ and from reading the blurb and author biographies we have discovered the book is a story of survival. We were inspired!
So we have written the most amazing ‘survival’ stories in pairs in 6P. We would love you to read them and tell us what you think of them. You might have a ‘survival’ story you’ve written and want to share it with us…

Racing Stripes!

Today I saw 6P students try, have a go, lose gracefully, win graciously and have a great time. I was very proud of all our athletes at the school athletics carnival. Fraser (new at the end of term 2) broke a school record and made excellent achievements in many events. Hank (who’s only been with us for three whole weeks) was a speed machine in the 100m and came 4th in his heat. Rosie tried hard to win as many house points as she could for Flinders and went in every race. Phillip looked amazing in their red and won the house cries! We were extremely lucky to have such a beautiful day to compete and I was very proud of our 6P athletes. I must also make a special mention of our House Captains who did a fantastic job organising everyone in their houses and encouraging great team spirit. I can’t mention all 6P students individually but I would like to say a collective ‘congratulations’ to you all for making our carnival so special. Well done 6P.

Kambiri’s first day at Taronga Zoo

“Taronga Zoo’s youngest pygmy hippo calf has made her public debut a month after her birth.
Kambiri, a Nigerian name meaning “allow me to join this family”, was born on June 26 at 2.30am (AEST) and weighed in at 5.3kg.”
This pygmy hippo is so cute. Google some information on pygmy hippos and let me know what you discover.

Open Day Education Week

It is Education Week and we are celebrating by having an Open Day for the parents to come and visit our classroom. Our room looks amazing! We have done so much work at school and learnt many great things. On Tuesday we had a game of 6P soccer inbetween rain showers and today we had the Japanese visitors teach us to make ‘friendship’ origami t-shirts.
After the parents have visited our classroom tomorrow, we will be watching (and for some, taking part in) the choir, Senior Band, Drama Group agrade groups perform in a mini concert. 6P will then join with our other grade 6 classes and will run an SRC (Student Representative Council) meeting. Wait till you see our suggestion!
We also have the opportunity to donate a gold coin to ‘swap’ a book. The ‘swap’ books have been donated by our school familes and book companies and are in beautiful condition.The money raised will support the Fred Hollows Foundation.
6P parents we would love to read your comments on our blog and invite you to tell us about your positive school experiences. Did you have an SRC? If you were a year 6 student at our school what would you suggest be done in the school by the SRC? What do you think of our ‘swap’ book donation opportunity? How did you feel about visiting our classroom?

Thanks for visiting us! 6P